ABCD methodology

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is a methodology that seeks to uncover and use the strengths within communities as a means for sustainable development. We believe that solutions for the community are rooted within the community and we seek to bring information, resources and partners to support these communities.

Our approach to ABCD is seeks to strengthen the following groups:

1.INDIVIDUALS – We believe everyone has gifts and talents.

2.ORGANIZATIONS – People aligned according to beliefs.

3.INSTITUTIONS – People organized around assets.

4. BUSINESSES - People engaged in an activity to earn income.

Financial Services

We believe that access to capital is critical to business growth and sustainability. Our current loan products are designed to drive business growth and improve the financial health of communities in rural and coastal North Carolina.

Objective 1: We will provide financial coaching to individuals and businesses to include budgeting, bookkeeping and credit counseling that will improve their credit score. We will provide 1:1 or group sessions.

Objective 2: Expand financial products into underserved communities in North Eastern North Carolina.

Objective 3: Stimulate a segment of the aquaculture industry into a $100 millions by 2030 and create 1,000 jobs.

Business Support

The Administrative Back Office Support System (ABOSS) assists startup and existing businesses. ABOSS helps entrepreneurs in the following ways:

1. Incubation Program: 4 phase educational program with milestones that moves entrepreneurs from a business idea to launching a business.

2. Back Office Support: System access and management, scheduling, payments, and purchasing.

3. Startup Support: Provide financial, marketing, legal, and human resources support.

4. Coaching: Provide technical assistance to businesses.

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